Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson is an award-winning nutritionist, author, journalist, and television personality. Her work in the fields of nutrition, health and beauty has positively impacted countless consumers through her presence across multiple media platforms. As a registered dietitian with degrees in both nutritional sciences and health journalism. Lisa combines her broad knowledge and reporting skills to offer the kind of straightforward guidance and insight you would get from a trusted friend. Lisa believes in living life at its healthiest, achieving “beauty from the inside out” and even documenting how to cure hsv 2 thanks to her studies.

In addition to her two books The Beauty Diet and Strong, Slim, and 30!, Lisa appears regularly on Good Morning America, in the pages of many of the country’s top magazines and on her own website and others.  Lisa’s brand-alliances have put her at the forefront of innovative food, beverage and beauty product launches, and her counsel is sought from the boardroom to the test kitchen.  She’s simply the “go-to” when it comes to finding a relatable authority in today’s environment where beauty, nutrition and health are intertwined.