Best Types of Car Air Filters and Steps to Replace It

Pollution is already a huge problem nowadays, especially air pollution. Several developed countries such as China and the US have been suffering too much pollution, especially in the big cities. We all want to breathe fresh and clean air. Proper filtration of air is essential, especially in today’s mechanical systems.

Some Best Types of Air Filters for Cars

Membrane Filters

These membrane filters are microporous films that are made of plastics with a pore size rating. It can capture or filter very small particles. If you choose a membrane filter, you should determine first what type of gas or liquids that will be filtered. And check if the membranes are compatible regarding its chemical compositions.

Inertial Filters

These are high-performance air filters because it has less moving parts and low maintenance. It doesn’t require energy and frequent filter changes. Inertial air filters have distinct advantages over conventional filters.

How to Replace Car Engine Air Filters

We can use several types of air filters depending on our car. We should know how to do common repairs and maintenance. Knowing this might also help you learn on how to fix cars as well. Having the skills to know how to do maintenance is very helpful because regardless of what type of car you have, it is applicable.

In replacing an air filter, the only common tool that is needed is a simple flat screwdriver, but depending on our vehicle you can use any other similar tools. Air filters are located over the GTI (Grand Touring Injection) of your car.

The air filter is usually located in a pretty obvious place, but sometimes it is underneath the engine cover. Regardless of where the air filter is located, you will need to locate it.

The difficulty of replacing the air filter will depend on the location of it in the GTI. Once located, we must take a look at it and get a way to remove the air filter. You just have to take loose of some clips that hold the parts together using the screwdriver. Once the airbox is free we then now have to separate the halves of the box by pulling it out. Then we can now see the air filter, and we can assess what kind of condition it’s in.

In doing this, just try to make sure that you won’t do damage or disturb the other. When we see the old air filter, try to check it and flip it and open it up to see the insides. When you see it very dirty, then it is time to replace it.

The air box has two parts, the upper and the lower part. So we need to check it and make sure that there is nothing blocking the airbox housing. So looking at the box, make sure it is clean. The best way to clean the stuff is to use a vacuum cleaner; it will be faster and more effective. Most people don’t take the time to clean the airbox, and instead, they will just replace the air filter right away. Once cleaned and replaced you can return the airbox cover.

Having a clean air filter on your car will not only make it run better, but it will also give you better gas mileage. It is also better for the environment to make sure that you have the best air filter on your car that you can get.