Surgery for Breast Enlargement or Bust Enhancing Supplements?

Bust EnlargementWomen everywhere, at some point or another, have wished that they had larger and fuller breasts. Even women who already have voluptuous breasts have at one point wished they could be fuller or firmer. If you are interested in having fuller breasts, there are a couple routes that you can take; surgery or supplements.

Plastic Surgery

Breast enhancement surgery is, of course, the quickest way to get the breasts that you desire. Breast augmentation surgery is quick, and the results that you receive are immediate. There is also little upkeep required when you get implants.

The downside of sculpting your breast with augmentation surgery is that it is painful, and with all surgery there are risks. Also, it is an expensive route to go. You will not know until you go under the knife if you will have an adverse reaction to the anesthesia that they use. Also, we are never sure how we will be able to handle the pain of being cut open.

So why go this route when there are clearly better options? Brestrogen is made of all natural ingredients and will enhance the size of your breasts without the need for plastic surgery. Brestrogen is a topical cream that is applied to your chest twice a day and will safely increase your cup size by up to two full sizes.

Supplemental Bust Enhancement

Brestrogen recommends that you use the cream twice a day – once when you wake up in the morning and again before you go to bed. You will use a circular motion to rub the cream into your chest, starting around the areolas. The best results are achieved after you have used this product every day for six months, but in as little as 6 to 8 weeks you could see an increase in your bust by up to an entire cup size. Once you have achieved the size that you want you can cut your regimen down to only once a day.

The way this particular cream works is by soaking into the skin on your breasts and plumping the cells from the inside out. The cream will increase the ligaments and fatty tissues in the breasts which are what gives our breasts their shape and support. Also, because you begin using the cream by the nipple, it will lengthen the ducts in this area, making your breasts fuller and firmer.

Breast Enhancing Supplements

While the active ingredient in Brestrogen is completely safe it is also very powerful. There are no harmful side effects of Pueraria mirifica, which is the main ingredient in Brestrogen. It is worth noting though that because there haven’t been many studies done on estrogen based products, that it is unclear if it will interfere with birth control pills.

Before starting any health care regimen, it is always smart to consult with your doctor.

Hopefully, this unbiased Brestrogen review has been helpful to you in regards to making your decision on whether or not you are going to begin using a supplement. Natural alternatives are safer, so long as you know the consequences, then surgery, and Brestrogen is a great option for you to get the fuller and firmer breasts that you’ve always wanted.