Finally, You Can Justify Your Preference in Pear Shaped Women

A new study shows that women with larger “behinds” are more intelligent and their children are prone to become more successful due to inherited intelligence. Evolutionary systems aren’t quite figured out to the very last detail, but we know the fundamentals of it. Our brain subconsciously makes a decision that is beneficial to us in short as well as long run. This being mentioned, it becomes pretty obvious why we tend to like some things more than other. But when it comes to choosing your partner, can you really make decisions that are beneficial to your progeny based on looks alone?

The Masterminds behind Every Evolutionary Step.

Behavioural genetics resolved many problems that we had in understanding evolution and gene behavior alone. It was proved that human beings show interest towards another different-sex member of its species that have “qualifying” face structure. By qualifying face structure we mean that it’s appealing to our genes regarding the attraction of our future progeny. So being that genes are behind it all, or at least behind most of our decisions, we can take into consideration that finding a partner is determined by our gene pool.

How are Pear Shaped Women more intelligent?

Women with wider hips are proven to give birth to more intelligent children than the ones with thin hips. So determining what your “shape” is by comparing it to a fruit, may indicate how healthy you are. If you are a pear shape, you’re on the right track. However, if you are apple shaped, you should take actions in providing a healthier diet and lifestyle.  According to researchers at Oxford and Churchill Hospital, more body fat in hip area implies that there is a lower risk of chronic as well as cardio diseases, in addition to the fact that it boosts overall health. In scientific terms, both amino acids and proteins play a large role in “boosting” intelligence. Leptin is directly tied with larger derriere in women as it regulates appetite and response to hormones. Having a larger behind requires an enormous amount of Omega 3 fats. These fats have an incredible effect on boosting your cognitive intelligence capabilities.

So before you start a conversation where you defend your preference in “wider” women, learn all you can about health and how it affects their mental as well as physical abilities. Explaining things in a way that everyone can relate to is a safe and quick way to winning an argument. And the more knowledge you acquire, the better equipped you become to convince anyone in your way of seeing things through. There isn’t a topic that can’t be driven to either side, where every conversation is a battle of information placed in the form of carefully constructed sentences, whose goal is to hit the spot and convince other parties that your philosophy is the inferior one. Knowledge is indeed power, and words are your bullets.